Dates – September to May (one academic year)
Age – 18-22
Directors – Justin and Kelly Olson 
Cost – $9,574 
LocationMain Camp — Student dorms in the remodeled Eagle’s Roost building
ApplyStudent Application, RA Application All applications to be considered for TruNorth 2018-2019 must be received by August 1, 2018


We all have a purpose in life. Do you know what yours is? What are you passionate about? What unique things can you bring to the world that only you can do? Are you ready to learn more about yourself, and God, with around seven other people who are ready to grow with you? If you are 18-22 years old, or soon to be, you might be surprised at what TruNorth is like. Fort provides great soil to grow deeply.

If you are asking these questions and not getting fulfilling answers at college or working a job, we’ve designed a program that will help you clarify your calling. What better way could you invest 8 months of your life than in a gap year at Fort Wilderness?




Step Back

  • Assess your spiritual gifts and God’s calling for your life.
  • Study and know God through an in-depth study of Theology, Church History, and Worldview.
  • Evaluate who you are by exploring what God has done, and is doing, in your life.
  • Renew your understanding of your own Biblical worldview.


Step Out

  • TruNorth is designed to help you navigate through God’s design, purpose, and order for your life. You will apply what you know about God to the daily things you will experience in a challenging, excitement-filled environment like Fort.
  • Stretch your physical strength while encountering God on a Wilderness Hiking trip.
  • Apply your knowledge by visiting with church leaders on our Church History Exploration Tour.
  • Learn about the global church as well as experience a cross-cultural mission trip.


Step Forward

  • Develop an understanding of the body of Christ as it is lived out in the home, in the community, and in the world.
  • Discover how to engage culture in a way that is relevant as you go out into the world.
  • Learn how to ask great questions and dialogue about the answers.
  • Receive transition counseling for your next step.