Ebenezer Patio Paver Project


The Ebenezer Patio Project at Fort Wilderness

A stone of remembrance. A stone of help.

Acknowledging God’s bountiful blessing and help in life,
marking your journey at the Fort


How would you like to share your Fort story with others while marking a special time that God helped you? Fort Wilderness is embarking on a journey to allow the Fort Family to publicly recount God’s faithfulness - in stone!

Just outside the Gathering Place – on the lakeside – we are building a patio of stone walking pavers. These high-quality carved granite stones will be a place that campers and staff gather together and remember what God has done. We anticipate generations remembering God’s faithfulness.


Ebenezer Patio Location

The Ebenezer Patio will be placed just outside the Gathering place


We are offering you - the Fort Family - the opportunity to engrave a stone, or stones, with personal stories and memories. This theme is based on I Samuel 7, where the prophet Samuel and the Israelites came under heavy attack by the enemy. Fearful for their lives, the Israelites begged Samuel to pray for them and for God’s protection. God fought for them and with them, and the enemy retreated. The Bible records that Samuel took a stone and set it up between Israel and her enemy. He called it, “Ebenezer” saying, “thus far the Lord has helped us.” The Hebrew actually means “stone of help.”



Ebenezer Patio Stone Pavers

The stone pavers come in 3 different sizes.


The Ebenezer Patio celebrates God’s help and blessings in your life, as well as your journey at the Fort. It is an excellent opportunity to leave a tangible and lasting symbol of the Lord’s blessing and help. It’s a way for you to tell “your Fort Story.” A personally engraved granite paver will be a celebration of family, friends, loved ones, camp memories, and spiritual decisions made here at camp as well as a reminder to future generations of God’s steadfast love.

The proceeds of the Ebenezer Patio will be used to further the ministry of Fort Wilderness, to build for the future by honoring our past. It will be a reminder of who we are as a camp family yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Paver Example


What can be engraved on the stones?

Family name, Children’s names, Favorite Scripture, Date of salvation, A time God helped you, Cabin you stayed in, Campfire song, Your favorite counselor, A battle God fought for you, A decision you made, Years you served on staff, When you met your spouse at camp, Your Fort story


Fort reserves the right to not accept a suggested engraving. Only English letters and typing symbols may be used; no drawings or pictures.


Paver Special Characters


What will they cost?

100% of the fees you pay will be a tax-deductible donation. This is possible because the stones will be the sole possession of Fort Wilderness and therefore not a legal tangible benefit to you. There are 4 Options (you can choose more than 1):


Bronze - $300 4” x 8”; 3 lines of 12 characters each
Silver - $600 8” x 8”; 7 lines of 12 characters each
Gold - $1,000 8” x 12”; 7 lines of 18 characters each
Platinum - $1,000 Four 4” x 8” stones; 4 separate stones with 3 lines of 12 characters each


The stones will be engraved approximately two times per year. We are not able to allow specific stones to be placed in specific places.


How To Order

Step One: Make A Donation To "Paver Project"


Step Two: Order Your Paver(s)



An order is complete once paid in full. We are not able to accept payment plans - you must pay in full at time of ordering. You can mail a check to "Fort Wilderness," Box 715 McNaughton WI 54543 OR call 715.277.2587 with a Credit Card. Note: 100% of fees are tax-deductible to you.