Dates – May 21 - June 2, 2018
Age – Adults and Families (no infants please, if you decide to bring young children you are responsible to supervise them at all times)
Trip Leaders – Michael Lane and Dr.Steven Notley
Location – Israel: Click here for itinerary
Cost – $4,150
Registration – Register online with Emmaus Educational Services
Other Required Registration Documents – Valid Passport (view all registration requirements by clicking here)




Fort Wilderness is excited to partner with Emmaus Education Services to offer our Fort Family a chance to visit the biblical sites of Israel! For the past several years many have heard Michael Lane teach on biblical archaeology at the Fort or at churches and colleges. Many have seen photographs of biblical sites of ancient Israel and have heard how they relate to the Bible history they know. We are inviting Fort Friends to join the journey to personally experience these biblical sites and the cultures of the Bible. Fort's own Michael Lane will be leading the trip with Dr.Steven Notley.

A word from Michael:


Dear Fort Friends and Family,

For the past several years you have heard me teach on biblical archaeology at the Fort or at several churches and colleges. You have seen many photographs of biblical sites of ancient Israel and have heard me explain how they relate to the Bible. Now I am very excited because the time has come for Fort Wilderness to partner with Emmaus Educational Services for our first joint pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I am inviting you to journey with us and to experience these sites and the culture for yourself.

As many of you know, I was blessed to travel with Emmaus Educational Services to Israel as part of a group led by Dr. Steven Notley back in 2012. Dr. Notley is not only a wonderful leader, teacher and author who has a passion for participants to know God, but he has lived and studied in Israel for sixteen years. Steve is a professor of Biblical Studies at the New York City campus of Nyack College and a respected scholar who will explain many academic and spiritual applications at various sites.

I hope and pray that you will join us for this life changing experience as we travel along studying the Bible and pick up dust on our shoes from antiquity.

In His Service,
Michael Lane,
Director of Education
Fort Wilderness Ministries