"You simply can't have a year with no Fort." - Camper.


              Is this your year?


Fort has two options for your family this year: choose a Family Getaway (3 nights), or stay a little longer at Family Camp (6 nights), or do both! New summer families get $100 off their first Family Camp or Summer Family Getaway!


For details on Family Getaways (3 nights), click here!


Dates – June to August (see below)
LocationMain Camp
Cost – Varies by Accommodation Type (click here to view Pricing), click here to view accommodations or watch our Accommodations Video
RegistrationMail in this Form or call 715.277.2587 or 800.338.3678. Get your form in early to get your first choice of accommodations! Would you ever consider renting an RV or Pop-up from shoederssportcenter.com? We will likely have more open RV Sites available than Cabins in 2017. Shoeder's delivers a clean RV for your arrival and picks it up after you leave. (More and more Fort Friends are doing this.)
Prep GuideClick here for the Family Camp Prep Guide


For any food allergy, we want to help. Please email the Registrar no less than 2 weeks before the first day of camp. Email the Registrar (Jackie) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


First time camper?Read our Frequently Asked Questions!


Is your family new to Fort Wilderness? Get $100 off your first Family Camp registration when you register!




What is Family Camp?

Family Camp is a six-night summer retreat at Fort where your family can bond deeply, grow closer to God, and play all day long. Campers tell us how impactful a week at Family Camp is for their family’s long-term health and closeness. Many families come back year after year to their 2nd home at Fort. If you long for a place where your kids and grandkids can safely roam and make friends, Fort’s a great choice.

Many use Family Camp to invite and intentionally bond more closely with friends and families from church, their neighborhood, grandchildren living far away, small groups, co-workers, older siblings who’ve moved, and more. There are so many ways that Family Camp can create steps towards the closeness you’ve always longed for.


There are options for families of many shapes, sizes and budgets. You can choose between our hotel-like Inn, Modern Cabins, Rustic Cabins, RV, Pop-up or Tent Sites (Prices TBA). More and more families are renting an RV or a pop-up locally and letting our local partner, shoederssportcenter.com, handle all the setup and cleanup details. Click here to view Shoeder's Rental RVs and rates or click here to view Shoeder's Rental Pop Ups and rates.


Family Camp Dates 2018

Accommodations Key: Campsite (CS), RV site (RV), Rustic Cabin (RC), Modern Cabin (C), Inn Room (INN), Eagle's Roost (ER)


FC 1 June 16-22 with Dan Farm, Founder of Renewal Counseling & Coaching - Rochester, MN
   FC1 openings: 10 CS, 9 RV, 1 C, 3 INN
FC 2 June 23 - June 29 with Matt Erickson, Sr. Pastor at Eastbrook Church - Milwaukee, WI
   FC2 openings: 3 CS, 12 RV, 2 C, 7 INN, ER
FC 3 June 30- July 6 with Mike Bellanti, Sr. Pastor at Northbrook Church - Richfield, WI
   FC3 openings: 20 CS, 9 RV, 2 RC, Upper ER
FC 4 July 7-13 with Steve Carter, Lead Teaching Pastor at Willow Creek - Barrington, IL
   FC4 openings: 7 CS, 5 RV, 3 INN
FC 5 July 14-20 with Jason Webb - Sr. Pastor at Elmbrook Church - Brookfield, WI
   FC5 openings: 2 CS
FC 6 July 21-27 with Dave Barber, Sr. Pastor at River Valley Church - Oshkosh, WI
   FC6 openings: 3 CS, 5 RV, 1 INN, ER
FC 7 July 28 - Aug 3 (Private) – Autumn Ridge Church, Rochester, MN
FC 8 Aug 4-10 with Stuart Briscoe, Speaker, Author, Telling the Truth Ministries at Elmbrook Church - Brookfield, WI
   FC8 openings: 13 CS


Basic Schedule

Opening Day 1:30-4:00 Check in and move in. New Camper Tour and Orientation. Great dinner. Welcome Session and then our Famous Fry Bread.
Day 2 to last full day of camp Breakfast.
Morning Session: Childcare and Age appropriate Teaching Sessions.
Activities Open: swimming, boating, craft shop*, archery / riflery*, horses*, nature center, volleyball, coffee shop*, goodies store (Canteen)*, shotgun range*, and so much more.
*some extra cost
Lunch. Activities Open.
Dinner. Varying activities, campfires and night fun.
Last Day Pack up, Breakfast and head out by 10:00AM.


Cancellation Policy: The registration deposit is non-refundable, $250.00 for Family Camps and $100.00 for Family Getaways. Any fees above and beyond the deposits are refundable.