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What and where is Fort Wilderness?
Is Fort Wilderness safe for my children?
Is Fort Wilderness Certified?
What denomination is Fort Wilderness?
Why would I send my kids to camp?
Do you have to be a christian to come to camp?
Do you offer Scholarships?
Does Fort Wilderness have a nurse on staff?
Will I be notified if my child becomes ill or injured?
What if my child has medications he/she needs to bring to camp?
Can Fort Wilderness accommodate food allergies and/or special diet?
What if my child gets homesick?
What is your staff to camper ratio?
What kind of training do you do for your staff?
Where will my child sleep? What are the bathrooms like?
Occasionally my child wets the bed. Are you able to handle that?
Is there a dress code at Fort Wilderness?
I registered online. Can I get back into my account to make changes?
When are forms & fees due?
When do I drop off my kids and when do I pick them up?
What should my child bring to camp?
Can you explain the “Overnight Campout” activity?
What are “Adventure Trips”?
What if my child doesn’t feel comfortable trying a certain activity?